Experience on Japanese Tea Ceremony and Ikebana

Global Service

With an intention of coming to experience at ANKOAN Tea House, but having no time? With an ambition of learning tea ceremony or ikebana at Japan, but being afraid of expensive fees? Concerned with your special needs, ANKOAN Tea House can arrange for ikebana or tea ceremony master to open up the assembly training classes or related activities in your country or district. And you can communicate with each other in Chinese.


Activity Examples:

Can a three-day ikebana assembly training class be held at the tea culture classroom in Malaysia?

Can an introduction of tea ceremony be presented at International Tea Culture Expo in Shanghai?

Can the lecture on tea ceremony be delivered at Russian universities?

Can a trip to India be possible? My Japanese restaurant is about to open, will it be possible to perform the tea ceremony on the opening day?

And so on.


If you need us to provide services for you, please click Contact Us. We are looking forward to experiencing with you.